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Fri May 9 07:19:23 PDT 2014

uphill (east)  on Redwood Road to Campus Drive, as above.

At the campus: Take the second entrance (second leg of a horseshoe drive 
partly edged by large bus shelters). Bear right, uphill, skirting Building
R --  the large building straight in front of you, at the top of the hill.
 At the  hilltop, go  right into parking area C. Bring two quarters for
all-day parking.  The Student Lounge is on the top floor of Building R,
near where you enter,  across from a courtyard garden (the "fishbowl"),
and more or less flanked by the  bookstore and dining hall. There will be
tables in the hall for registration.   Lunch is available for purchase if
you get there early.

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