[Fosc] Seen any place else that looks like this?

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I heard a few weeks ago from public works that streets without standard city curbs do not have regular street sweeping, but if residents in other areas up here in the hills request (demand?) a street sweeper, they will be sent.   We did get one earlier this fall on Paso Robles. The suggestion was that multiple requests within a neighborhood or on a street would get the fastest and most likely response.
The other thing possibly going on here is that the city promotes "adopt-a-drain" so might the sweeper be (idiotically) avoiding drains - they might have been adopted???
The other thing I've noticed is that one must use red flag words - Hazardous, dangerous, perilous? to get attention.  When I've used that, I've received a call back within 2 hours for more info, and a request to send a photo.
Third, I've been told that recording a problem on the public works site in Oaklandnet.com gets faster action and is tracked for "on time performance" whereas see-clik-fix does not yet have performance standards, so problems reported there are second in priority to the ones either called in to 615-5566 or input online at oaklandnet.com.  In your description, mention that you have photos, or that you are also posting to see-clik-fix, I think.  Seems strange, but we did hear a PWA employee explaining this at a recent neighborhood meeting.  Following up the online report with photos is the best way, I believe, so far.
Don't be nice and polite with your reports - I looked at a few - "dead/dying tree on trail -- "  not strong enough - report as "Hazardous tree with large dead limbs leaning over path used by children to get to school"  and maybe dog walkers - tell them graphically the result of not doing it in human costs - they don't care about runoff, or infecting other trees, or unsightly piles of debris.  Only mentioning kids, walkers, babies in strollers, or dogs will grab a high priority.  and I 'm not sure about the dogs…
Trying not to sound cynical, just pragmatic,
Barbara Goldenberg

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> There must be an issue with that, because the street sweeper goes though my neighborhood and actively avoids the storm drain. They make a big swerve to avoid it, and the crud piles up unabated until I or a neighbor, clean it up. I've lived here eight years and this is how it's always been. Why? Does anyone know? I have always wondered about this.
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> Check out the storm drain in this photo, another excellent example captured by Semper Viligans on SeeClickFix.  Public Works needs to send the street sweeper up this hill, and suck up all this debris before it totally clogs the storm drain, and costs 10x as much to fix. Will they?  Can they?
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> the link: http://seeclickfix.com/issues/913501?poi_token=792a727c3d4cc5ba88c60370edba5a659bf1c5a0&utm_campaign=poi-notice-email&utm_content=issue-card-header&utm_medium=email&utm_source=poi-email&utm_term=issue-image
> If you see something similar do report it!
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