[Fosc] The Birds and the Bees

Mark Rauzon mjrauz at aol.com
Fri Mar 21 16:22:18 PDT 2014

Inspired by Martha Berthelsen's talk wednesday night at the FOSC Member's meeting where 34 of us gathered to learn about Restoration for the Birds and the Bees, I headed down to the creek this fine first day of spring. It was magical indeed with birds and bees in abundance. The air was filled with bird song as small birds recently arrived from south of the border, bathed in the creek and preened in the sun. I crossed El Centro and began to hear the hum - first there was that hummingbird hum that revealed it's nest. Then it was the hum of 5000 bees. The hive that was in the oak tree, ivy-covered because we afraid to clear it, swarmed out and buzzed across the creek to gather around a new queen. Luckily I was there to photograph it. The bees follow the birds in the sequence that starts with the Allen's Hummingbird nest. 


Happy Solstice!

Mark Rauzon

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