[Fosc] peregrine falcons fledge

Mark Rauzon mjrauz at aol.com
Thu Jun 12 14:28:00 PDT 2014

The falcons have flown from the Fruitvale Bridge, Owen, Zeuz (males) and Bridget (female) have successfully fledged. The Falcon Watch folks made sure of that. From sun up to sun down a devoted band of watchers and the curious, like me, attended the fledging period. Alot goes on down there, and here are some photos from that time. 

Peregrine falcons fledging at the Fruitvale Bridge, last week (June 4-7-2014)


And fish at the creek mouth, a bat ray and trout in the creek, plus ebur-volunteer Joyce Stanek picking up at the homeless camp:


What a Watershed! 
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Mark Rauzon
FOSC board member

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