[Fosc] Yesterday's high flows in Sausal Creek

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Subject: [Fosc] Yesterday's high flows in Sausal Creek


Hi Friends of Sausal Creek,

Below is an explanation on yesterday's high flows.  Thank you, Bob, for
filling us in!  Bob tried to post this message to the listserv, but I don't
think the email went through because the listserv was cc'd and listserv
protections don't allow the listserv email address to be included as a cc:
or a bcc:  I apologize that I didn't notice this sooner.

If I get a report from EBMUD I will post to the listserv.

On 7/21/2014 11:38 AM, Robert Davis wrote:



The source of the high flow muddy water in Sausal Creek was a leak in the
water main on Shepherd Canyon Road near Skyline Blvd and below the tight
turn switch backs. By 11:00 the repair was completed and the EBMUD crew was
flushing the line from a fire hydrant on to the street with water that was
chloramine neutralized. There is evidence of flooding of the road for
several blocks below the leak. Palo Secco Creek at the Palos Colorados
Trailhead was not effected. 


Bob  Davis          



On Jul 21, 2014, at 10:20 AM, Matthew Cover <mcover at csustan.edu> wrote:


The creek has high flow (I am guessing >1 cfs) and very turbid (looks like
milk chocolate) where I am on Canon Ave just downstream of Dimond Park. I'm
calling EBMUD right now. Unfortunately I'm not free right now to walk
upstream and identify the source.




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Subject: [Fosc] Call EBMUD if you have info on increased flow in creek,

Thanks, Beth.  This is the first report I have had of this.  I just called
EBMUD at (866) 403-2683 to report the increased flow and the dispatcher said
they would send someone out to look as soon as possible.  I gave them my
cell phone number and Beth's address and phone number.

All Friends of Sausal Creek:

If anyone further upstream can pinpoint the point where the flow is
increasing, please call EBMUD; I would also appreciate an email or call.

Even if you can just tell me that the flow upstream is normal, that would
probably be helpful to know in case EBMUD calls Beth or me and we can help
narrow their search.  You could email us at beglisc at hotmail.com
andcoordinator at sausalcreek.org but don't need to post to the listserv.

Thanks, all, for being the eyes and ears of the creek.


Kimra McAfee, Executive Director 
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On 7/21/2014 9:37 AM, Beth Glisczinski wrote:

Good morning, all-
Does anyone know where the creek is getting its extra water this morning?
At about 5am, the flow increased significantly at our Barry Place Location
(I was awake and heard the change in flow).  I assume we have a burst water
main somewhere, or something similar? 

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