[Fosc] Pallet Pick-up and Delivery Help?

Michelle Krieg field at sausalcreek.org
Fri Aug 1 18:56:09 PDT 2014

Hi Friends,

Thank you for your help in locating wooden pallets around the East Bay to
be used as temporary benches in our native plant nursery.

We have managed to pick up a few pallets, but it has been difficult without
a FOSC vehicle to transport them. We are in need of around 12 more pallets,
which can be found on Hollis St. near Ashby Lumbers in Berkeley, IREPCO in
Berkeley, Four Dimensions Landscape in Oakland (need to be picked up on a
weekday between 7:30am-5pm), and the CVS and Lucky parking lots in
Montclair. If you are able to pick up and deliver any of these pallets we
would greatly appreciate the help. Most of the pallets are around  3'3" x
3'11", and will easily fit into a van or truck. Please let me know.

Thank you for your support,
Michelle Krieg
Restoration and Nursery Manager
Friends of Sausal Creek
510-325-9006 (field cell)
*sausalcreek.org <http://sausalcreek.org>*

*Please understand that I am in the field most of the week, and will
respond at my earliest availability. Thank you.*
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