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Kimra McAfee coordinator at sausalcreek.org
Wed Oct 1 12:33:42 PDT 2014

Hi Friends of Sausal Creek,

The New Zealand Mudsnail has been found in several East Bay creeks.  So 
far we haven't found any in Sausal Creek, and we'd like to keep it that 
way.  If you visit other creeks, it is very important that you properly 
clean your footwear before leaving that site (i.e., before returning to 
Sausal Creek!).  Please help us keep the creek’s invertebrate food 
sources for the native rainbow trout intact by preventing the spread of 
the snail.

  * Snails range in size from a grain of sand to 1/8 inch in length and
    are black or brown in color. *They reproduce by cloning, and a
    single snail could result in the production of more than 40 million
    snails in one year. This means they can cause drastic, harmful
    changes in the native plant and animal food web of creeks and lakes.*
  * Remove visible snails with a stiff brush and follow with rinsing.
    If possible, freeze or completely dry out any wet gear.
  * If you wade, freeze waders and other gear overnight (at least 6 hours).
  * Have extra waders and boots that are used only in infested waters.
    Store them separately.
  * After leaving the water, inspect waders, boots, float tubes,
    boats/trailers—any gear used in the water.
  * Never transport live fish or other aquatic animals or plants from
    one water to another.

We have posted informational signs at trailheads.  Please visit 
https://www.dfg.ca.gov/invasives/mudsnail/ to see photos and for more 

Thank you for your help.


Kimra McAfee, Executive Director
Friends of Sausal Creek
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Oakland, CA 94602

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