[Fosc] [Austin Square Park] Introduction and Saturday, 11/01, Workday

J. K. Fowler jkfowler at nomadicsojourns.com
Tue Oct 28 10:50:49 PDT 2014

Greetings FOSC family!

I wanted to quickly introduce myself, as I am a newcomer to FOSC (and
Oakland, for that matter) and have recently adopted a site at Austin Street
and East 22nd Street, which we are calling Austin Square Park
I am the founding and managing editor of nomadic sojourns creative
collective <http://www.nomadicsojourns.com>, a 501(c)(3) literary and arts
non-profit with bases in Brooklyn, NY, and Oakland, CA. Our non-profit
space is actually just around the corner from Austin Square Park at 2926
Foothill Blvd
will serve as a nice base during our workdays in the park. With regard to
Austin Square Park, we hope to clear out the eucalyptus duff (of which
there is a ton), remove the ivy, and replant the area with California
natives. Multiple murals are also in the works for a few of the main walls
in the park.

*Call for Volunteers!*

​On that note, we are hosting our first-ever clean-up/workday
*Saturday, 11/01, from 1–3:00 p.m.​,​ at Austin Square Park*.
​ Please c
ome help us clear brush, remove invasive species, and plant California
natives along accessible banks of Sausal Creek on Austin Street and East
22nd Street. Tools, refuse/green bags, waivers, and vests provided. Please
​ by simply responding to this email.

​We will be hosting a clean-up/workday on the* first Saturday of every
month from 1–3:00 p.m.*​, so if you can't make this one, please come out to
the *next one, which is on December 6*. Our December workday is already
turning out to be quite an event: We have multiple youth groups connected
to the Unity Council coming out, a muralist being flown in from Des Moines
who will be painting the main wall along the creek with the kids, and
insect and medicinal plant specialists that will be teaching the kids about
the life to be found in the Sausal Creek watershed. It should be a ton of
fun, so we hope to see you at that event as well!

​You can see the ​
FOSC calendar listing
​ here​
: http://www.sausalcreek.org/#!event-calendar/c190e

​Please f​
ollow us on our new Twitter account: @austinsqpark
OR "like us" on our new​ Facebook account:

​Nice to e-meet all of you, and we hope to see you at our upcoming monthly


J. K. Fowler
Founding Editor, *nomadic sojourns creative collective*
Member, PEN American Center (www.pen.org)
Website: www.nomadicsojourns.com
On Facebook: Here
On Twitter: Here <http://twitter.com/#!/NomadicSojourns>
(C) (001) 347.844.0481 (US)
(C) +027 (0)76 705 0915 (South Africa)
(E) jkfowler at nomadicsojourns.com
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