[Fosc] Sausal Creek does have stickleback!

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Last we knew Sausal Creek DOES have stickleback!

FOSC Board Member Dr. Robert Leidy's find on 10/17/14 was reported via 
this listserv (see below) and in the November-December 2014 FOSC Newsletter:


On 10/17/2014 4:07 PM, Kimra McAfee wrote:

Good news, Friends of Sausal Creek!

This morning FOSC Board Member Dr. Robert Leidy found a second species 
of native fish in Sausal Creek, threespine stickleback (/Gasterosteus 
aculeatus/).He observed 10-15 of the fish swimming around at the edge of 
a pool in the lower watershed below the Barry Place restoration 
area.This is an exciting find as we had previously only seen rainbow 
trout (/Oncorhynchus mykiss/) in Sausal Creek!Threespine stickleback is 
often an associate of rainbow trout.

Check out photos on FOSC’s Facebook page of one juvenile (approximately 
1.5 inches) and one adult (approximately 2.5 inches), indicating 
successful reproduction of the threespine stickleback in Sausal Creek:


Threespine stickleback occur around the bay and may have both marine and 
freshwater populations in the same watershed.Populations can be 
established in streams through marine waters.They may be very localized 
in Sausal Creek as they are not good at migrating over significant 
barriers.Freshwater populations typically prefer cool, clear water as 
they are visual feeders like rainbow trout.


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On 1/21/2016 6:23 PM, evanosky via Fosc wrote:
> Hi gang,
> Sorry for the misinformation. I got to babbling about my experience 
> replenishing the stickleback in Horseshoe Creek and left the 
> impression that Sausal Creek also had stickleback
> I promise that everything I said was mostly true.
> Dennis
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