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Hi Friends of Sausal Creek,

Attached and copied below please find the board meeting agenda and staff 
report for this Wednesday's board meeting.  FOSC board meetings are open 
to the public.

Thank you,


Kimra McAfee, Executive Director
Friends of Sausal Creek
P.O. Box 2737
Oakland, CA 94602

ph:  510.501.FOSC (3672)
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Friends of Sausal Creek

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, February 10, 2016, 7-9 p.m.

Park Blvd. Presbyterian Church, 4101 Park Blvd., 3^rd Floor, Oakland

/Our mission is to promote awareness and appreciation of the Sausal 
Creek Watershed and to inspire action that will help preserve and 
protect the creek and its watershed as both natural and community 


*Board Involvement:*

*Board and Staff Retreat *– Sunday, Feb. 21, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., location TBD**

*Member Meeting*– Wednesday, March 16, 7 p.m., Dimond Library - Holly 

**/Bread and Tortillas, Frock Coats and Ponchos: Mapping /

/Culture on—and in—our Bodies/

*Master Calendar for 2016*

*Board Meeting Refreshments Sign-Up*

7:00Remarks from President


7:05Background Checks Discussion

7:25Minutes and Commitments Review

7:30Conflict of Interest Policy

7:35Signatories on FOSC Accounts

7:40Financial Report

oComments on Draft Tax Return

oProject Timeline and Cash Flow Chart

8:00Board Member Briefing:Mark Tompkins, Intelligent Ecosystems 
Institute (IEI),

on Thousand Oaks School program and potential FOSC partnership

8:15Executive Director Responds to Questions on Staff Report

8:35Round Robin or Reflections – a word or sentence from each person


**Wednesday, February 10, 7-9 p.m.**
**Park Blvd. Presbyterian Church, 4101 Park Blvd., 3rd Floor, Oakland**


Restoration Sites:

Dimond Canyon – Rob Leidy, Mark Rauzon, Dee Rosario, Jyllian Smith, 
Michelle, and Kimra
walked Dimond Canyon Trail to identify priority projects. Jyllian is 
helping Michelle and Kimra
update our proposed projects list—the first step in creating an addendum 
to our watershed plan.

Sausal Creek Restoration Project in Dimond Park – The contractor is 
finished planting and is
working on the restroom. The project is scheduled to be complete by 
summer at which time we
will hold an opening celebration. The celebration is tentatively set for 
Sunday, July 17 as part of
the Dimond Picnic pending confirmation from city officials.

Planting continues at restoration sites throughout the watershed!

Pallid Manzanitas:
     We are still waiting for the Fire Department to identify the trees 
selected for removal on
the Chabot Space and Science Center (CSSC) campus through the second 
allocation of Wildfire
Prevention District funding. Michelle participated in soil testing 
training at UC Berkeley in
preparation for collection of 11 soil samples from the CSSC and PAL camp 
colonies to be tested
for Phytophthora. Michelle and Judy Schwartz will collect the samples in 
     Kimra and Michelle are identifying sources of funding to continue 
pallids research and
habitat enhancement.


Native Plant Sale: The proposed plant sale date is Sunday, October 23, 
2016. This would allow
FOSC to again participate in the Fall 2016 Native Plant Sale 
Extravaganza promoted by Bringing
Back the Natives Garden Tour.

Nursery Propagation: Michelle is working to update our propagation and 
planting plan for
winter 2016/2017, likely to be finalized by mid-February. We plan on 
growing and nurturing
over 11,000 native plants in the nursery this year—more than ever 
before! This expansion in
growing numbers is thanks to our more efficient use of space at the 
nursery. Cutting collection
hikes will begin soon.

Nursery Facilities: In January we finished spreading gravel on our shade 
house floor, and it
looks wonderful! We are excited to continue working to make the nursery 
as sanitary, beautiful,
organized, and volunteer-friendly as possible.

Eagle Scout candidate Alex Harrison will be building two planter beds 
behind the shade house
this month to hold plant divisions. He will also be installing drip 
irrigation on the beds to allow
for easier plant maintenance.

Proposed Wetlands Project at Nursery: The Parks and Recreation Advisory 
(PRAC) approved the proposed wetlands on December 9, 2015. We are 
working with Oakland
Parks and Recreation staff on the revised Conditional Use Permit 
application needed to construct
the wetlands.


School Year Programs: FOSC staff have led 22 field trips out of the 40 
scheduled for this
school year. FOSC Intern Jyllian Smith has completed detailed lesson 
plans for benthic
macroinvertebrate (BMI) monitoring and water quality testing in the 
creek, and she has started to
lead these lessons.

Summer Programs: We are coordinating with Oakland Environmental Services 
and Youth
Employment Partnership to firm up the details of our work with Team 
Oakland students this
summer. We anticipate hiring an education specialist to lead three teams 
on one special project
(half-day) each week, as well as Michelle and the education specialist 
providing environmental
education for a couple of the Wednesday training sessions for all 10 
teams. The education
specialist will also continue our partnership with Oakland Parks and 
Recreation, working with
Touch the Earth and Shake, Rattle & Roll campers on one day each week.


Aquatic Insect: Bioassessment Team Leader Kathleen Harris has begun 
training the volunteers
who will help with the surveying in April or May with the goal of 
creating an Index of Biologic


Birds of the Sausal Creek Watershed—A Checklist: We are in the process 
of revising the bird
checklist created in 2002. Mark Rauzon has updated the list with the 
many new species observed
since the last version, Karen Paulsell has updated the birding zones 
map, and Lisa McGinty is
providing design and layout services.

Dog Owner Flyer: FOSC’s flyer for outreach to dog owners based on the 
Friends of Montclair
Railroad Trail’s flyer is complete. Thank you to Jeff Kahn for his help!

FOSC Photo Storage: We are now using a Flickr account to store all FOSC 
photos. Michelle
created a photo naming and uploading guide Google Document. All photos 
will be “private”
unless marked as “public” for outreach purposes. We will now be able to 
easily see and search
all photos from staff and volunteers, as well as share photo slideshows 
at outreach events.

Safety: We are in the process of finalizing our emergency protocols for 
field staff. Jyllian also
drafted safety tips for site leaders, which we will be sending out monthly.


Student Walk, Workday, and Picnic, May 21, 2016: Michelle continues to 
coordinate with
students and leaders from EarthTeam, buildOn, and Friends of Wood Park 
on this celebratory


Alameda County Fish and Game Commission 2016: On March 3 we will be 
presenting our
$10,000 grant request to support installation of 2,000 live stakes and 
40 trees along the creek
stretch near the El Centro Trailhead, a cape ivy mapping and removal 
pilot project, and erosion
control and 250 native plants along the Bridgeview switchbacks.

California State University (CSU) Water Resources Intern: Graduate 
student Daniella
Cazares’ application to the Water Resources and Policy Initiatives Water 
Internship Program has been accepted. The hiring paperwork through 
CSU-East Bay is in

Clorox Company Foundation: FOSC submitted a grant application for $7,000 
to fund 21% of
our environmental education program from June 2016-May 2017. The Clorox 
Foundation liaison and East Bay Community Foundation liaison will be 
observing a Civicorps
Learning Academy field trip with Kimra led by Michelle on February 11.

Coastal Conservancy “Explore the Coast” Grant: Coastal Conservancy staff is
recommending partial funding ($35,000 of the $41,875 grant request) for 
FOSC’s 3-year field
trip program for underserved schools in the lower watershed. Coastal 
Conservancy staff asked
FOSC if the project end date could be changed from June 2019 to March 
2019. The Coastal
Conservancy Board will consider the recommended project and proposed 
funding amount in

Environmental Protection Agency Urban Waters Small Grants: EarthTeam 
included $2,500
in their grant application for FOSC’s staff time to assist with field 
trips that we will partner on
in 2016-2017. The application was not funded.

Every Day Grants: We have entered into agreement with Westwind 
Associates for $2,500 to
set up Salesforce, migrate our existing database into Salesforce, and 
train our staff. Kimra and
FOSC Intern Jyllian Smith have met with Mark Westwind to determine the 
database cleanup
tasks that FOSC will do in preparation for the database migration.

NOAA Bay Watershed Education and Training Program:
     EarthTeam included $2,000 in their grant application for FOSC’s 
staff time to assist
with field trips that we will partner on in 2016-2017.
     Girl Scouts of Northern California (GSNorCal) included FOSC as a 
partner for their
proposed after school Watersheds program for Title 1 schools. Costs for 
FOSC staff time and
some supplies ($2,129 total) for the eight field trips were included in 
the proposal; FOSC would
contribute 150 native plants for the participants to plant. This is the 
first time GSNorCal has
applied to this funder, but they have led this program in Santa Clara 
and are hoping to expand it
to Oakland.

The San Francisco Foundation “Youth Access to Nature Fund”: In 
partnership with
Intelligent Ecosystems Institute (IEI) FOSC submitted a Phase 1 
application for $50,000 to fund
the East Bay Creeks Technology-Empowered Exploration (EBCTEE) Project. 
This grant would
fund field trips led by FOSC for lower watershed schools and field trips 
led by IEI for Thousand
Oaks School in Berkeley. IEI’s Mark Tompkins will attend the February 
board meeting to
describe the applied science program surrounding creeks and ecosystems 
that he helped to
establish at Thousand Oaks School; this funding would allow the program 
to continue and
expand into the Sausal Creek Watershed.

Urban Streams Restoration Program: We have received a design for Storm 
Drain 1 above Old
Cañon Trail and an updated construction cost estimate from Questa 
Engineering Corp. Michelle
is working to finalize our propagation and planting plan, with an 
anticipated 4,500 plants to be
grown for this project.

Walkable Watershed Program: The lower Sausal Creek Watershed was 
selected to be the pilot
project for the west coast’s first Walkable Watershed Program. Skeo 
Solutions has drafted a
work plan, is in the process of collecting GIS data from the city to 
begin mapping, and is setting
up a meeting with FOSC, our NPS Rivers, Trails, and Conservation 
Assistance Program liaison,
and various city departments.


Board of Directors Master Calendar: The draft master calendar for 2016 
has been distributed
to board members.

Fiscal year ending June 30, 2015: Final financial statements and the 
draft tax return has
been circulated to board members via email for their review and comment; 
the return is due
February 15, 2016.

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