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Stan Dodson via Fosc fosc at lists.sausalcreek.org
Tue Feb 16 14:30:04 PST 2016

With the continued success of TRAILHEAD, we'd like to introduce the new
name of our parent organization: *OaklandTrails.org*. We'll continue to
promote the documentary, lead free hiking tours, and provide year-round
leadership for trail maintenance and public safety in Oakland's wildland

I'm also excited to announce our first e-newsletter. I will begin to rely
less on the local listservs to send information to the community. So if
you'd like to stay in touch with news about TRAILHEAD, our free hiking
tours, and ways to support volunteers in Oakland's wildland parks, please
sign up at: http://oaklandtrails.org/sign-up/

To preview our first e-newsletter, click here

See you on the trails!

Stan Dodson
*OaklandTrails.org* <http://oaklandtrails.org/>

*TRAILHEAD is a documentary project of*
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