[Fosc] Broom Pulling Joaquin Miller Park - March 19th 9am - 1pm

Karen Paulsell via Fosc fosc at lists.sausalcreek.org
Fri Feb 26 13:01:09 PST 2016

This project isn't *quite* in the Sausal Creek watershed, it's just over 
the edge.  But the site is way cool, lots of rare-in-the-park plants. 
Using broom pullers is great, makes you feel like super-person! There's 
also some cutting-down of pines and limbing up of other treest o be 
done, a good variety of work.

Volunteers are needed to help pull french broom in Joaquin Miller Park 
for fire safety and restoration.

*When*: Saturday, March 19th
*Time*: 9am to 1 pm
*Meet*: intersection of Joaquin Miller Road and Skyline Blvd
*Bring*: gloves, a hat, wear long pants, long sleeves and sturdy shoes

*RSVP*: Please RSVP to Lin Barron at lb3023guard-fomrrt at yahoo.com 
<mailto:lb3023guard-fomrrt at yahoo.com>

<mailto:lb3023guard-fomrrt at yahoo.com>
The Wildfire Prevention Assessment District (WPAD) will supply the broom 
pullers and other tools as well as refreshments!
<mailto:lb3023guard-fomrrt at yahoo.com>
Hope you can participate! Bring a friend or two! (no younger than high 
school age, please).

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