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Only a little bit.  When we moved here in Fall 1983, there was no soccer field, but a play field  about half the size of the now soccer fields.  We were told that what had been the canyon had been filled in with the "dead" Eucalyptus stems that had been removed following the hard freeze that had "killed" thousands of Eucs in the hills (in 1972 or "73?)  and then filled in with other detritus.  I say "dead" and "killed" in quotes, because they weren't killed and resprouted extra stems, hence the plethora of skinny  Eucalyptus in many places.
I just found an old copy of the City of Oakland's "Shepherd Canyon Corridor Plan" dated October 1975, obtained several years ago from the Oakland City Planning Department.  It's quite curious, as it shows lot lines for a subdivision where the park is now; calls Shepherd Canyon Road "Park Blvd".  It cites (and sites) the 12 different geologic formations in Shepherd Canyon.
It states " 34.7 acres have been dedicated for Park use but the property has yet to be developed.  In fact the land has been used in the interim as a debris disposal site, and the creek was systematically culverted to accommodate the fill.  Ironically the last segment of Shepherd Canyon Creed [sic] within the park was culverted with a 66" pipe just as the corridor study was begun."
Under the proposed plants, there are details about trails, creek rerouting, and developing play fields suitable for softball and soccer.
  I'd be happy to share this copy if someone wants to borrow to copy, scan or circulate some other way,
Barbara Goldenberg (h/p 339-1373)

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Hi FOSCers,

Andrew Alden, author of the "Oakland Geology" blog, led a tour up through Shepherd Canyon in June:


At the end of the blog, he asks if anyone knows the history of the area near the soccer field (he suspects it's fill).   One person mentioned that it was a former dump site.  There are FOSCers who know a lot about the history of the canyon - I think Mr. Alden would appreciate hearing about it.



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