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Hello FOSC members,

My name is Genesta and I have been leading a 4-H group in restoring a site
at Dimond Park for a few years now.  Every year our kids invite a local
elementary school to come celebrate Earth Day with them, where we introduce
the kids to the work that FOSC does in the watershed.

This year, we are planning an event that we need some information for.
We'll be hosting a "Council of Beings" where the kids will make masks and
then pretend to be a plant or animal from the Sausal Creek watershed.  They
will have a mock council where they will each present their character's
life and requests for how it would like to be cared for.

I'm wondering if you all could help us create the information cards on the
"characters" by sharing with me some information on your favorite Sausal
Creek residents.  It could be a plant or an animal.  We'd like to put on
the information cards:

Where can you find me?
Where did I come from?
What do I eat and/or what eats me?
How do I contribute to the watershed?
What factors make it difficult for me to live in the watershed?
What would I like people to do to create a better home for me?

The kids we are inviting this year will all be second graders, so please
keep it simple.

Thanks for you help!


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