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Hello all,

Last month I reached out to FOSC members to ask you all for assistance
compiling information on the wildlife of Sausal Creek for an earth day
event our 4-H club was sponsoring for a 2nd grade class at Glenview
Elementary School.

I wanted to thank you all for your generous responses.  Our junior leader
was able to use the information to create over 30 lovely cards with brief
bios of many Sausal Creek creatures.  We had a wonderfully successful event
with excited, engaged kids.  After our Council of the Beings, I asked the
kids to tell us some of the things we can do to create a better home for
the creatures that share our environment, and a little girl immediately
summed up the day's lesson quite simply, "keep things clean, don't chase
the wildlife, leave their food on the ground, and don't put our creek in
concrete tunnels."

Thank you again for your assistance.


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