[Fosc] Presidio clarkia

Ralph Kanz via Fosc fosc at lists.sausalcreek.org
Thu Apr 21 15:20:13 PDT 2016

For anyone that wants to see local wildflowers, one of our local 
endangered species the Presidio clarkia has started blooming. 
Unfortunately the threats to this species have not ended. The City has 
approved a project on a site that has Presidio clarkia but there was no 
environmental review done, and it appears the pre-construction surveys 
did not take place. This is very disappointing given that the City was 
told about the situation before approving the project. Previous 
projects, such as the Oakland Hills Tennis Club (approved in 1989) and 
the Sunrise Assisted Living Care Facility (approved in 1997) where 
Presidio clarkia also occur, have never implemented the mitigation 
measures for the species on their sites, and as a result the populations 
are not doing well. Both of these prior projects had requirements 
similar to those that were put in place for the pallid manzanita at 
Chabot. All of these projects were required to prepare management plans 
for the sites and implement them. None of them have completed management 
plans and implemented all needed mitigation measures.

My wish for Earth Day is for the City of Oakland to finally follow the 
law and do the right thing to protect the rare and endangered species in 
our midst.

Ralph Kanz

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