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Re: Presidio Clarkia from Ralph

Ralph, thank you for sending the update that the clarkia is blooming and
about the development project. Would you be able to send more info on the
project going to be built by the city over the clarkia site? That is really
awful news. I'm really upset to hear about that and I would like to do
something about it. Are there action groups formed to protect the area from
development? Or any way to submit public comment?

I haven't visited the clarkia site in the east bay yet. If you have a trail
head or address to see it I'd like to visit.

Its blooming now in the Presidio and I have seen it. It's so beautiful.

lesliefs31 at gmail.com

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>    1. Paul Dries memorial on Saturday, April 30 (Kimra McAfee via Fosc)
>    2. Presidio clarkia (Ralph Kanz via Fosc)
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> Subject: [Fosc] Paul Dries memorial on Saturday, April 30
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> Hi Friends of Sausal Creek,
> Tamara Castro asked me to help get the word out about a memorial service
> coming up for former Butters Canyon Conservancy Board Member Paul Dries
> on Saturday, April 30 at his house on Burdeck Drive.  It will be a
> potluck style event to gather and remember his life.  Paul passed on
> November 20, 2015, after a two year battle with ALS. Anyone wanting more
> details can contact Tamara at tammyhasler at gmail.com or (480) 390-3971.
> Kimra
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> From: Ralph Kanz via Fosc <fosc at lists.sausalcreek.org>
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> Subject: [Fosc] Presidio clarkia
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> For anyone that wants to see local wildflowers, one of our local
> endangered species the Presidio clarkia has started blooming.
> Unfortunately the threats to this species have not ended. The City has
> approved a project on a site that has Presidio clarkia but there was no
> environmental review done, and it appears the pre-construction surveys
> did not take place. This is very disappointing given that the City was
> told about the situation before approving the project. Previous
> projects, such as the Oakland Hills Tennis Club (approved in 1989) and
> the Sunrise Assisted Living Care Facility (approved in 1997) where
> Presidio clarkia also occur, have never implemented the mitigation
> measures for the species on their sites, and as a result the populations
> are not doing well. Both of these prior projects had requirements
> similar to those that were put in place for the pallid manzanita at
> Chabot. All of these projects were required to prepare management plans
> for the sites and implement them. None of them have completed management
> plans and implemented all needed mitigation measures.
> My wish for Earth Day is for the City of Oakland to finally follow the
> law and do the right thing to protect the rare and endangered species in
> our midst.
> Ralph Kanz
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