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Mon May 2 19:01:21 PDT 2016

Dear Friends,
You may remember several years ago in 2011, two of the Fruitvale Bridge Peregrine Falcons were shot in the upper watershed and left for dead in the Whittle Street area. A young fledgling bird was badly wounded and could not ever fly again. 


But the female was rehabilitated and later released, and when she tried to return to the bridge, another female had taken her place. I believe she later perished. 

Well, here is the good news. The authorities kept the peregrine shooter under surveillance and finally the suspect is going to federal court charged with 6 counts of 'take' regarding raptors.  Those include the peregrines, Coopers hawk, sharp-shinned hawks and an unnamed species taken in Dec 2014.  So the male suspect kept on killing even after he knew the feds were after him. And the feds kept on watching him and built a strong case, with his help. I frankly had given up on it.

Meanwhile the falcon pair on the bridge continue to thrive and another related pair nest near Jack London Square. 
Sometimes it all comes out right, and it's a beautiful thing. Thanks to Mary Malec for sharing the good news with us.

Mark Rauzon

ps/ please remember FOSC in EastBay Gives tomorrow

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