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Big Big Hurrahs!

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> Dear Friends,
> You may remember several years ago in 2011, two of the Fruitvale Bridge
> Peregrine Falcons were shot in the upper watershed and left for dead in the
> Whittle Street area. A young fledgling bird was badly wounded and could not
> ever fly again.
> http://rauzon.zenfolio.com/p859914566/he91f63b#h4f1a1164
> But the female was rehabilitated and later released, and when she tried to
> return to the bridge, another female had taken her place. I believe she
> later perished.
> Well, here is the good news. The authorities kept the peregrine shooter
>  under surveillance and finally the suspect is going to federal court
> charged with 6 counts of 'take' regarding raptors.  Those include the
> peregrines, Coopers hawk, sharp-shinned hawks and an unnamed species taken
> in Dec 2014.  So the male suspect kept on killing even after he knew the
> feds were after him. And the feds kept on watching him and built a strong
> case, with his help. I frankly had given up on it.
> Meanwhile the falcon pair on the bridge continue to thrive and another
> related pair nest near Jack London Square.
> Sometimes it all comes out right, and it's a beautiful thing. Thanks to
> Mary Malec for sharing the good news with us.
> Mark Rauzon
> ps/ please remember FOSC in EastBay Gives tomorrow
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