[Fosc] request to borrow creek monitoring equipment

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Tue Jun 21 15:09:40 PDT 2016

Hi, Kimra and Michelle

Bishop O'Dowd is starting a summer naturalist training in our Living Lab
for middle schoolers . ... this week.  The first two days have gone well.
However, I just learned that an ongoing construction project has grown 10
times what we in the Living Lab suspected, starting tomorrow.  Being in the
Living Lab is not going to feel very "natural". I'm scrambling to come up
with plan B.

I'm thinking of doing creek studies at Arroyo Viejo Creek, just across the
street. However, we don't have some essential equipment, such as 10 pair of
middle-schooler-sized rubber boots, nor a kick net.

I wonder if FSC has such equipment and would be willing to lend it to me
for use until I can order and receive what we need.   If it is relevant to
your records, most of the students are on full scholarship; all but one of

I hope to do this starting on ... this Thursday morning!  I'm sorry for
outrageously last minute request!

My cell phone number is 510-703-4156.

Annie Prutzman
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