[Fosc] Where and When were there beavers in Sausal Creek and its tributaries?

Karen Paulsell via Fosc fosc at lists.sausalcreek.org
Sun Jul 3 13:58:41 PDT 2016

Years ago, in a Merritt College restoration landscaping class, we took a 
trip to Martinez, to see how Alhambra Creek was restored near the Amtrak 
station,  past cafes and shops, and out to the Regional Shoreline. So 
later, I was enthralled to learn that beavers showed up, and delighted 
that they found a solution that kept the beavers in place and the shops 
from being flooded -- the beaver deceiver.  I have wondered, from time 
to time, how beavers interacted with Sausal Creek, and perhaps the more 
upland tributaries as well.  Where might beavers have dammed Sausal 
Creek to create big pools of calm water?

Here's the article that once again made me wonder about beavers in our 


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