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Mon Jul 11 07:41:29 PDT 2016

I've never keyed them myself, but others have, and they're /Clarkia 
rubicunda/, farewell-to-spring, not the rare and endangered Clarkia 
franciscana, Presidio clarkia. They appear as a pair in the Jepson key:

20' Petals with ± red spot or zone at base
        22. Petals 5–13 mm; stigma not exserted beyond anthers ..... C. 
        22' Petals 10–30 mm; stigma exserted beyond anthers ..... C. 

On 7/10/2016 10:29 PM, Andrew Aldrich via Fosc wrote:
> Walking by one of my favorite places--the little meadow along the 
> Sinawik Trail near Sanborn Road, not far from Lookout Point--I did not 
> expect to see yet another showing of "Spring" wildflowers, this time 
> clarkias. I want to call these Presidio clarkias, but one of you true 
> experts out there maybe can corroborate or correct me. What a splendid 
> watershed we live in!

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