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Tue Sep 6 14:55:53 PDT 2016

Hello, my name is Isaac Tran from troop 203 in Oakland. Im striving to be
an eagle scout, and to achieve this rank I need to plan and manage a
project that is beneficial to a community. I chose to do a project for the
FOSC organization in Joaquin Miller Park Nursery. The current trail is only
dirt and there is lots of tall grasses in the way. It is very dangerous to
walk up (I have slipped many times).My eagle project involved building
stairs to the top of the hillside. These stairs will provide a safe and
accessible path for staff and volunteers to seed on the hillside and to
capture the awesome view of the bay area at the top.

The materials that I need to complete this project include: 80 feet 4”x6”
pressure treated lumber, 128 feet of 5/8” rebar and 2 cubic yards of 3/4"
crushed drain rock, weed mat, and AB-3 crushed rock.

I have created a GOFUNDME page to raise money for these materials.
The link is:https://funds.gofundme.com/dashboard/isaaceagleproject

I will greatly appreciate your donations and support. The money donated
that is not used to purchase these materials will be given to the FOSC


Isaac Lo Tran
tranisaac99 at gmail.com
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