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Actually, that link is to some 2015 information. This is what they just distributed via NextDoor.
Taste a Difference? EBMUD Adjusts Operations for Major Facility Upgrade

On November 1, EBMUD will begin needed upgrades at the Orinda Water Treatment Plant. These upgrades require the plant to be out of service from November 2016 to April 2017. Customers west of the Berkeley/Oakland hills may notice a change in their tap water as we accommodate this temporary shutdown. We thank you for bearing with us as we maintain and improve your water system. 
To serve you while the Orinda plant is down, our San Pablo Water Treatment Plant in Kensington and Upper San Leandro Water Treatment Plant in Oakland are now online. Both plants treat water from local Bay Area reservoirs (San Pablo and Upper San Leandro reservoirs respectively). In addition to normal operations, these plants and reservoirs are critical local supplies should an earthquake or other disaster interrupt our Mokelumne River supply. 
In operation since 1935, the Orinda Water Treatment Plant is the work horse of EBMUD’s system and serves 800,000 customers. This fall we will construct back-up power systems and upgrade water treatment processes to allow easier future maintenance without a plant shutdown. These critical upgrades are safeguards against future emergencies.

Operational changes, especially when changes in source water occur, can affect the taste and smell of tap water. All delivered water continues to meet all state and federal water quality regulations. 
For questions or concerns regarding water quality, call 1-866-403-2683 or visit ebmud.com/water-quality. 
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Syncing with the HydroCycle,Elizabeth

We're probably known around the Universe as that really noisy blue planet where everybody pees in their water. 
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I know you're not ENMUD, but ... Last 3 days there has been a chlorine smell in my glasses of water from my tap. Not since the dirty water of a few years ago have I smelled

Thanks, Alberta

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