[Fosc] Feeling gratitude at Sausal Creek

Rebecca Armstrong via Fosc fosc at lists.sausalcreek.org
Tue Nov 22 15:29:20 PST 2016

Dear friends,

As I ate my lunch today along the newly daylighted section of Sausal Creek
in Dimond Park, I had the pleasure to observe a group of young people
enjoying the creek: sitting on the rocks and splashing, playing games,
along with exploring what they could find in and around the creek. It is
great seeing the creek not only being used by the birds but the local kids
as well, allowing them a place to explore and connect with the nature
around them. That this is now easier for Oakland youth is great and makes
me think how important all the restoration work has been and how important
it is to keep up the good work. And it makes me think how crucial the
Walkable Watershed plans are to make this type of playful learning in the
outdoors more accessible to Oakland's youth, especially in the Fruitvale

I just want to say thank you to all the volunteers and friends that make
this happen!

Rebecca Armstrong
Environmental Education Intern
Friends of Sausal Creek
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