[Fosc] Yet another Elder Oak falls

Mark Rauzon via Fosc fosc at lists.sausalcreek.org
Mon Jan 9 09:43:46 PST 2017

Last night, Sunday, creek neighbor Wade Woodfill heard the giant noise and went out to see what had happened. He found another old oak, next to the one that  I saw fall in the last big rain storm, had toppled over. It was a sad night when an old beauty falls, he said.  I had been there on Saturday and took one photo, that luckily captured the oak in the frame, now it is on the ground, canopy in the creek. I reckon it fell in part because a spring emerged near its roots and saturated the ground so the roots couldn't hold, but after a long drought, trees were likely weakened then were made much heavier with water weight. The tree sequence, the aftermath and the before photos can be seen here. 


Looks like we have a lot of tree planting to do!

Mark  Rauzon
FOSC Board Member

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