[Fosc] another oak down in Dimond Park

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This looks like the creek bend at the south end of the park. If so, that's
right behind my house and the tree pictured fell last Tuesday evening after
the particularly heavy rain. I was in my back yard and the sound scared me
half to death!

It's mostly on my property now (roots were/are on my neighbors'), and my
neighbor and I hope to keep it as it fell. At least it won't have fallen
with no benefit--it can now provide shelter for various land and water

It is indeed sad to lose these old trees, particularly when human
intervention is a possible cause (in this case,  I was told the bank was
cut way back during the creek restoration).

Justin on Canon

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> Oh no! Yes sad to be losing so many beautiful, heritage oaks in such a
> short period.
> Thanks for tracking this Mark.
> Camille
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> Yesterday, a large oak fell across the creek in the new restoration area.
> Sad to lose another heritage tree in this set of storms.
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> Mark J. Rauzon
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