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Fri Mar 17 23:42:04 PDT 2017

Hi, everyone,

This is just a reminder that there is a Flickr group (flickr.com) called "Sausal Creek Watershed" that was formed a couple of years ago. At this point, there are only six members; and most of the photos are by Mark Rauzon or me. But the group is still there, and...

everyone is invited to view,

everyone is invited to join, and

everyone is invited to post.

Photos don't have to be arty. The description of the group is very general:

"Photos of the landscape, wildlife, and recreational and conservation activities in the Sausal Creek Watershed of Oakland, California."

Please feel welcome to gaze or participate as you like. You don't have to be a Flickr member to view, though you might encounter an ad here and there if you're not.

- Andrew Aldrich
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