[Fosc] Save SUNDAY, APRIL 2, 1:30-4 pm for OFSC Oakland Hills Vision Retreat

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Anyone with a vital interest in the green future of the Oakland Hills should consider attending the April 2 meeting below. The fire-prone hills are currently in a period of transition between the sunset of the Wildfire Prevention District and an uncertain future with regard to vegetation management and wildfire prevention. The city is shepherding the development of a Vegetation Management Plan, but it won’t be completed for a year or two. It is intended to guide the Fire Department, other city authorities or a new Wildfire Prevention District (if that comes to pass) on how to keep the large tracts of city owned land in the hills fire safe. But what does “fire safe” mean exactly? What role do native plants play? Which invasives should be targeted? How do you feel about trees? Which ones? Will habitat diversity be a priority? All of these are vital questions that should be addressed in the visioning workshop detailed below. 

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about the Vegetation Management Plan, the first public meetings will be held on Wed, March 29, 5-7 pm at Dunsmuir House and Thu, March 30 5-7 pm at the Trudeau Center. 

Please pass it on.

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> Subject: Save SUNDAY, APRIL 2, 1:30-4 pm for OFSC Oakland Hills Vision Retreat
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> At the February 25 Wildfire Prevention Assessment District Public Hearing, a number of people raised the question about the lack of a common vision for what we wanted the Oakland Hills to look like at the end of the 10 years of the upcoming Vegetation Management Plan/CEQA that is now being developed.
> The Oakland Firesafe Council, a nonprofit education and outreach organization unaffiliated with the city (www.oaklandfiresafecouncil.org <http://www.oaklandfiresafecouncil.org/>), has agreed to host such an endeavor.
> The facilitated workshop will be held:
> Sunday, April 2, 2017
> 1:30-4 pm
> Trudeau Center
> 11500 Skyline Blvd.
> Oakland, CA 94619
> RSVP: Sue at oaklandfiresafecouncil.org <mailto:Sue at oaklandfiresafecouncil.org>
> And please pass this on to those who  you think would like to participate.    
> -- 
> Sue Piper
> Chair
> Oakland Firesafe Council

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