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Richard Kauffman via Fosc fosc at lists.sausalcreek.org
Thu May 4 18:17:44 PDT 2017

Thank you FOSCers for your support so far in our East Bay Gives fundraiser, especially at 4:00 -- the Environmental Hour. We won! We had the most unique donors of any participating environmental organization. What teamwork!

If you’ve got any energy (and money) left, don’t forget about 7:00 and 9:00. We could win another $3,000 at 7:00 (First nonprofit with a donation of $20 or more) and more in matching grants at 9:00 (all donations matched one to one up to a total of $10,000). These will be hotly contested, and the spoils will go to those who click the quickest. So log on and fill in your info early, then get ready to click SUBMIT at the stroke of the hour (or maybe even a second before). To see the official clock/countdown, open a second window on your computer (or use your phone) and go the East Bay Gives homepage (eastbaygives.org). 

Thank you for helping to make the day a success for FOSC!

Richard Kauffman
Board Vice President
East Bay Gives Coordinator
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