[Fosc] Anyone available to help mulch the Dimond Park native plant garden tomorrow or Saturday?

Jill Miller via Fosc fosc at lists.sausalcreek.org
Thu May 11 20:24:13 PDT 2017

Hello FOSCers,

We have* a lot *of wood chips left over from our Earth Day restoration
projects at Dimond Park. I was hoping that the wood chip fairy would just
magically carry them away. No luck. Now I have to get them moved ASAP
because they are preventing the dumpster from being replaced after being
emptied this week. The good news is that the chips don't need to be moved
very far - just from the recreation center driveway entrance on Hanly Rd.
into the native plant garden - and the distance is downhill. Yay for the
silver lining!

I moved some chips today with the help of some Dimond Rec center staff and
kids (they were great - who knew?!) and am hoping that some *FOSCers may
have an hour to spare either tomorrow afternoon between noon- 5 or Saturday
morning between 9-noon. *Please let me know if you can help and we can
arrange for a more specific time to meet and get busy moving wood chips.

The bonus prize is that you can sit under the massive, blooming California
buckeye tree between the creek and Lions Pool when you are done. That is
what we offer here at Friends of Sausal Creek: the mundane *and *the

Thanks so much for considering this request!


[image: Picture]
*Jill Flaningam Miller*
*Restoration and Education Manager*
*Friends of Sausal Creek*
email: field at sausalcreek.org
web: www.sausalcreek.org
cell: 510.853.3533

[image: Inline image 1]

California buckeye (*Aesculus californica*) flower. Photo by Nick Turland
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