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Sun Jun 11 20:15:36 PDT 2017

Howdy Friends
This past week has seen some drama at the Fruitvale Bridge. Four young peregrine falcons fledged, meaning they left the nest site and are free flying. The first one out, a male, ran into some netting and had to be rescued, checked out at Lindsey Wildlife Center and released back at the bridge. 
When I was there friday, I was told by the stalwart falcon-watchers, that the youngest female was about to fledge, assuming she has by today, and that the parents were new birds, not the previous years occupants. They are unbanded and outmaneuvered the old pair out of the nest, (probably by over bidding w/ no contingencies!), including the Ravens that also nested under the bridge this year. 

Here is a shot of the young male trying his wings:

Happy summer in the watershed.

Mark Rauzon
Board Member

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