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Falcon-watcher Mary Malec forwarded this to me and I'd thought it might interest some. 
One of the young males at Fruitvale Bridge ended up in the building netting near the bridge.  He was held for one day at Lindsay and returned to the bridge.  All 4 juveniles continued to be seen regularly for several weeks.  

A couple of weeks ago, a banded male was found injured at the Berkeley Marina.  Band number showed he was a different male from Fruitvale.  How and why, he was hurt, I don't know.  His wing was drooping and he had blood in his eye so he probably hit something.

He was examined and held for 4 or 5 days at Lindsay.  His eye cleared and he was holding up his wing and using it so he was returned to Fruitvale.  He flew well when released.  

The Falcon recovery program is so successful that it seems to be phasing out and nature will "take it's course" as seen in this press release:

What this means for the Fruitvale Falcons remains to be be seen...

Mark Rauzon
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