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Dear Friends,

Last year I wrote to you tell you about the planned removal of a great many
coast live oaks from Mountain View Cemetery (MVC) for an expansion project
there.  Many of you wrote comment letters to the planning commission, and
the commission noticed.  There were some changes made to the draft
environmental impact report (EIR), and now the City of Oakland Planning
Department has released the final EIR (FEIR).  The hearing to approve the
final EIR is tomorrow - Wednesday November 15th, at 7 pm.

Unfortunately, there are still major problems with this EIR, and I’m once
again asking if you can write a short email to the planning commission or
come to the meeting on Wednesday evening.  Even if you don’t want to speak
before the commission, you can cede your time to others who will.  If you
decide to go to the meeting, please email Judy at lupine15 at gmail.com to let
her know.

If you’d rather send an email, here’s the one I’m sending to the
commissioners and copying to the mayor and others.  Feel free to
copy/edit/share, and please send it to the following email addresses.  If
you’re an Oakland resident, it might help to add that after your name.

Thank you!

             Beth Wurzburg


nagrajplanning at gmail.com
jmyres.oakplanningcommission at gmail.com
cmanusopc at gmail.com
tlimon.opc at gmail.com
amandamonchamp at gmail.com
EW.oakland at gmail.com
jfearnopc at gmail.com <++jfearnopc at gmail.com>

cpayne at oaklandnet.com

officeofthemayor at oakland.net
dkalb at oaklandnet.com

conservation at ebcnps.org

lupine15 at gmail.com

bleitner at pacbell.net

re:  Mountain View Cemetery

Dear Members of the City of Oakland Planning Department,

I am writing to you about the Mountain View Cemetery (MVC) expansion
project, specifically about issues that should be addressed and corrected
before any vote to approve the final EIR for this project.

I’d like to address four major areas of concern:  illegal work already
begun and continuing at MCV, replacement oaks for the mature oaks slated
for removal, protection for remaining oaks near the construction area, and
additional trees to be planted.

First, *please issue an Emergency Stop Work Order*.  In March of this year,
MVC started tree removal and grading without work permits or final EIR
approval.  Despite being cited for these actions in June, the work has

Second, please *require that a certified licensed arborist assess the
damage* already done at MVC by this unauthorized work, including doing
another tree survey to determine how many trees and which oaks were removed.

Third, *please require that the 92 replacement oaks be planted within 1
year of the mature oaks’ removal*, and that they be planted within the
project area so that they will remain protected forever.  Right now, MVC
can wait 15 years to replace the mature oaks it plans to remove.

Fourth, *please require a revised project landscape plan drawn up by
certified arborist*, showing the proposed location of the replacement oaks.
A certified arborist should determine the best planting locations within
the project area for the replacement oaks so that they have the highest
chance for survival.

Fifth, *please require 5-year monitoring of the replacement oaks instead of
the 1-year monitoring*.  It can take several years for oaks to get
established, and the actual survival rate may not be apparent after only
one year.

Sixth, *please require that a certified arborist produce a written analysis
on how to protect the remaining 257 mature oaks near the construction site
from damage*  (178 oaks within 30 feet of grading, an additional 79 more
than 30 feet from grading).  The analysis (Tree Protection Plan) should be
available for public review before any further grading.

Seventh, *please require that a certified arborist be on-site during
grading to supervise protection of the remaining mature oaks*.

Eighth, *please monitor the 257 oaks near the construction site for a
minimum of 3 years, not 1 year, and replace any oaks that die within this
time.*  Fatally injured oaks can take more than one year to die.  Any
mature oaks that die during this time should be replaced as soon as

Ninth, *please ask that the additional oaks MCV has offered to plant in the
project area be Coast Live Oaks*.  MCV has offered to plant an additional
ten 60” boxed oaks and forty 24” boxed oaks.

                     Thank you,
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