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Thu Nov 16 18:40:38 PST 2017

Hi Friends!

I am so thrilled that Dr. Mangiante's Environmental Science Academy class
from Oakland High School didn't cancel today's monthly field day in Dimond
Canyon. After all, scientists (and scientists-in-training) don't reschedule
field days due to inclement weather. The water was moving too fast for us
to do our regularly scheduled aquatic insect monitoring, but it was a
glorious day for observing Sausal Creek. Who was this rushing, roaring,
swirling, and spraying creek that was so mild-mannered the last time we

Sure there were some complaints about the mud and rain, but there were a
lot of smiles, too, as you can see in this photo:

[image: Inline image 1]

I hope everyone has the chance to get into the parks soon. Don't forget
that Oakland Trails is hosting a Thanksgiving Day hike starting at 9 a.m.
from the Dimond District into Joaquin Miller Park. Find more information
here: https://oaklandtrails.org/hiking-tours/. See you in the 'shed!


[image: Picture]
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