[Fosc] Calling all dog walkers! Model needed immediately for photo of leashed dogs on trail

Jill Miller foscfield at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 09:46:07 PST 2017

Hello FOSCers,

I am looking for someone who is willing to be a responsible dog walking
poster child. I need to get a photo of a person walking 2-3 dogs on leash
up the Dimond Canyon <http://www.sausalcreek.org/dimond-canyon-park> Trail
for a sign that will be installed at the El Centro trailhead
<http://www.documents.sausalcreek.org/el_centro_trailhead.pdf>. My original
contact has fallen through, so now I am scrambling to find someone who is
available to meet me either today (Wednesday), Thursday (Thanksgiving!) or
Sunday for a quick photo shoot. Please find more information about the
project below.

FOSC has received a grant from the Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program
<https://www.cleanwaterprogram.org/> to create a sign that educates the
public about ways to protect Sausal Creek's native, wild rainbow trout. One
of the most important ways people can help is to keep dogs on leash when
walking trails. Off-leash dogs may run into the creek where they disturb
trout habitat; dogs who aren't on a leash are also more likely to leave
waste that eventually gets washed into the creek. In order to communicate
the importance of responsible dog walking on trails, the sign will feature
a photo showing just that: happy on-leash dogs with happy owner. (We
figured this was more positive than using an image of a dog in pooping pose
with a line through it.)

The sign will be 24" x 36" and will be installed this upcoming January or
February. The dog walking photo will accompany other photos and text about
the rainbow trout and high-quality habitat. In addition to the satisfaction
of knowing that you've made a valuable contribution to protecting Sausal
Creek, we will give you (and your business if you are a professional dog
walker) a shout-out in the monthly FOSC e-newsletter.

Thanks to everyone for considering this request. Please don't hesitate to
contact me with any questions or to go ahead and set a time to meet. My
schedule is flexible on Wed, Thursday and Sunday, so I will happily meet
you on the trail at your convenience.

Happy trails and happy Thanksgiving!

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*Jill Flaningam Miller*
*Restoration and Education Manager*
*Friends of Sausal Creek*
email: field at sausalcreek.org
web: www.sausalcreek.org
cell: 510.853.3533
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