[Fosc] An owl

Janet S. BROUGHTON broughton at berkeley.edu
Fri Dec 8 20:39:09 PST 2017

Several of us here at the far end of Hickory Street have been hearing an owl for the past six weeks or so. It stays close to Sausal Creek, and it has been calling from dusk to pre-dawn.  Usually one longer hoot is followed by two shorter ones. The frequency of calls is tapering off a little now, but we still hear a call at least every thirty minutes or so. 

I’ve listened on line to the hooting of many kinds of owls, and the owl here sounds just like a great horned owl. I see on the FOSC web site that a great horned owl has been reported above Highway 13.  So maybe we have several in the watershed!

Janet Broughton 

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