[Fosc] EBMUD discharge from Carisbrook/Darnby Reservoir

Steven Cochrane steveecochrane at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 14 17:13:04 PST 2017

About 10:30 am this morning quite a bit of water was flowing down Clive Avenue and into the City of Oakland storm drain. (The storm drain discharges into Beaconsfield Canyon, the Saunders cascade at Ascot/Chelton, Cobbledick Creek and then into Sausal Creek).
I reported the discharge to the City of Oakland storm water program and also to the City of Oakland Public Works call center with a request to forward to the City's Clean Water Program. I noticed EBMUD staff with vests clearing debris from several storm drains.

A similar discharge was noted on December 12 at about 10:30am.  I walked up to the tank (Carisbrook/Darnby Reservoir) and noticed a contractor onsite.
They should be discharging into the sewer system so that the water goes to the sewage treatment plant and not into Sausal Creek. I believe that the water discharge is treated with chloramine, but I cannot see into the tank area because it is wrapped during replacement construction.
Steven Cochrane
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